TESTIMONIALS (Partial Client List)

"Mitch, Thank you so very much for a wonderful job. We have had many craftsman in this home and you are one of the best. We will highly recommend you."

Nancy Z.

"Hi Mitch, Thanks for removing the wallpaper while we were away. You did a great job, as usual. Make sure I'm in your schedule for the next phase."

Brenda K.

"Mitch, Thank you so much for all that you do every year for the Elizabethtown Public Library. We really appreciate your time & talents. On behalf of the board of trustees"

Jay Engle

"Thank you so very much for a beautiful job, we are just so pleased (with the master bedroom wallpaper and painting project you recently completed for us). You are such an excellent contractor and we appreciate all you have done for us over the years"

Dawn Moffett

" Mitch - Thanks for a very professional and spectacular paint job!"


"It has been two weeks since you completed the painting of the main level of our home and I thought I ought to write to say how much we absolutely love the job you did. The room we get the most compliments on is our Crimson den, but the Blue Agave breakfast nook gets a lot of good comments too.

The hardest part of the whole thing was deciding on the colors. After that you took over, supplying quality paint to match our specs, arriving on schedule, and finishing ahead of schedule. The result is a beautiful job completed on budget and ahead of schedule.

We immediately took advantage of it last weekend to invite some neighbors over. Everyone spoke admiringly of our new look and wanted to know who had done it. Needless to say, you'll be hearing from some of them and from us when we're ready to do the rest of the house."

Best Regards, Steve Kohler and Jodi Mason

"John and I are most appreciative of you quality craftsmanship and acute attention to detail related to the finish work of our stained-glass Anderson patio door. You demonstrated painstaking steps in carefully matching the stain and finish to the existing trim work in our kitchen. Recognizing the value of this project, you pointed our flaws in the original installation (and brought in Bob Norton to remedy the situation) that would have distracted from the overall appearance and functionality of the door.

As a result of your expertise, our stained glass door serves as a beautiful centerpiece in our kitchen that doesn't escape notice."

Thanks for very much, Sherry Zubeck

" Mitch - I'm enjoying my new rooms and everyone like the colors. Thanks again and a happy holiday to you and your family"

Barb Martin

"Thank You. I'm very pleased with the bathroom. I'll be calling you when I'm ready for the next phase."

Brenda Dove

"Mitch, I am very happy with the work you did in my upstairs bathroom. The wallpaper looks fabulous. I appreciate the professional manner in which you completed the work and the thorough cleaning up afterwards. I wo't hesitate to contact you when I start my next project. Thanks again!"

Linda S.

"The room looks terrific and Elise loves it! It is so nice to be getting some color on the walls! Thanks a million!"

Healther H.

" Thanks again for everything. We really appreciate your work. We love the decorative finishes you did in our dining room and bedroom."

Kerry and Holly

" Thanks again for the great job. You did a beautiful job with the decorative finish in our family room"

Charlie and Julia

" Mitch - Thanks for doing such a beautiful job! I love it!"


"Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on painting. We are very happy with the results! Thank you also for working with our time table."

Kristi and Tim

"Just wanted to share with you how pleased that we are with not only the end result of your work, but the professionalism throughout the entire project. Our guests can't believe that our faux finish isn't wallpaper! Frankly, though it's been over a month since completion, we are still saying WOW as we enter every room! Thank you so very much for everything! We look forward to working with you in the future!"

Vicky and Jim

"Hi, Mitch! Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate the fine job you performed for us in faux-finishing the master suite in our new house. We were impressed with the entire process; from the most professional proposal we have ever received, to your diligence in the final inspection and clean-up process. The thoughtful attention to detail that you practiced such as caulking where the contractor missed, and putting a return on the wallpaper border on the tray ceiling was heartening to say the least. Your faux-finish technique is admirable and has elicited many positive comments from our neighbors. The assistance you gave us in color selection was especially helpful. We feel that we received excellent value for our very reasonable cost. Again, thanks for a great job and we look forward to working with you on future projects. Rest assured that we will recommend you to our friends and neighbors!"

Jerry and Joan

"Dear Mr. Forry, On behalf of all of us at ACCESS-York, and most importantly, on behalf of all whose lives have been touched by your kindness, thank you so much for your giving us the gift of your time and talents by wallpapering our Bridge Building!"

Deb Markel

" Everything looks great! We really love the powder room. The color is perfect. Thanks for your hard work and attention to detail. "


" Thank you for your excellent painting job on our home. You're craftsmanship was impeccable, and I appreciated how neatly you left the work site. Our choice of paint finishes required a lot of skill to look good, and we were very pleased with the results. Thanks again for all of your hard work and ability to complete the job efficiently."


" Mitch - you did a nice job with the B. Moss project. I look forward to working with you in the future."


" Thank you again for helping us out in our 'last minute wallpaper jam'. You did a very top quality job! We are extremely satisfied and will be sure to recommend your services! Thanks for everything."

Jen and Doug

" Mitch,
Just a note to say "thanks" for the great job you did on our dining room. We are pleased with the finished result. Thanks, too, for painting the chair rail and baseboard. That was unexpected and very generous of you. We appreciate that. "

Tricia & Mike

" Mitch,
Thanks for doing several painting jobs for us. You take great pride in your craft which is reflected in your workmanship and your desire to please your customer.

The faux finish you applied to our family room walls is just the look I wanted. The subtle texture really completes the room...several people have commented on how much warmer the room looks now. "


" Mitchell T. Forry Wallcovering was contracted to paint the exterior of our home in Columbia, PA. The services were performed in a prompt and professional manner. Mitch provided updates and ideas throughout the project and we were very satisfied with the end results. "

Mark & Connie

" Dear Mitch,
I want to thank you for the conscientious job you did painting my white carriage house. You were diligent, worked safely, and stayed on the job. I was very pleased with the preparation work you did on my badly peeling walls and the good quality primer and finish coats you used. I have had several positive comments from neighbors and friends concerning the like-new appearance and have decided to install black shutters to acentuate the shite walls and red doors. I also appreciate your telling me of the carpentry work that needed that I would never have noticed.

P.S. I also appreciated the quality of radio programming you listened to while you worked. I didn't have a single complaint from neighbors about noise or unpleasant music. Thank You. "



  • Acorn Farms Reception and Conference Center
  • Norman and Jeanette Adair
  • Barb Adams
  • Duane and Charlene Albright
  • Janet Alexander
  • Jeffrey and Angela Alexander
  • Ethan Allen
  • Sam & Jan Allen
  • Tom Alleman
  • Todd and Michelle Allison
  • American Red Cross
  • Jeremy and Leah Anderson
  • Dale and Barbara Andrews
  • Chris and Jennifer Anteau
  • Ben and Janice Arellano
  • Tom and Michelle Ashby
  • Charles and Edna Bailey
  • Barb Balmer
  • Leo and Linda Balzereit
  • Millie Bambino
  • Stuart and Kim Barden
  • Marilyn Barger
  • Dan and Lois Baumbach
  • George and Joyce Becker
  • Kurt and Michelle Bell
  • Steve and Leigh-Anne Bell
  • Dennis Bellingtier
  • Beverly Bender
  • Rick and Barb Bentz
  • Eric Berman
  • Don & Joan Betty
  • Wayne and Jan Betty
  • Bird-In-Hand Farms, Inc.
  • Doug and Linda Bish
  • Robert and Carol Bitner
  • Brian Bixler
  • Martha and Leon Bixler
  • Ted and LJ Bloom
  • Fred and Heike Bloom
  • Jim and Joy Boulton
  • Dr. Jay and Pauline Bridgeman
  • Harold Brinser and Marlene Thompson
  • Richard and Mary Bryan
  • Bube's Brewery/Alois Restaurant
  • Sean and Britta Burton
  • Roxanne Bybel
  • Bob and Beverly Byrne
  • Steven and Becky Cafrelli
  • Cameron Estate Inn
  • Camp Donegal
  • Glenn and Victoria Campeau
  • Angela Camplese
  • Alfonse and Nancy Carbonara
  • James and Debbie Cardenas
  • Tom Kurtz and Nancy Clupper
  • John Couch and Eileen Smith
  • John and Gerre Lee Craig
  • Glenn and Carol Cunningham
  • Elizabeth Custer
  • Tim and Kate Darrenkamp
  • Dr. Tom Davis
  • Matt and Jo-Ann Delaney
  • Kevin and Mary Dolan
  • Jerry and Joan Donahue
  • Donegal Presbyterian Church
  • Dr. Leah Cream
  • Nevin and Doneen Dourte
  • Ern and Brenda Dove
  • Drs. Joe Drabick and Leah Cream
  • Glenn Dunks
  • William and Wendy Dunn
  • Steve and Pam Dupes
  • Roseanne and Joe Duschl
  • Tom and Ruth Ann Dwyer
  • Eberlin Construction Co. - Napa, CA
  • Tim and Kristi Elkner
  • Kurt and Tina Enck
  • Larry and Pat Enders
  • Kevin and Amy Engle
  • J. Harold and Nancy Engle
  • Harold & Ruth Engle
  • Epic Photography
  • Tim Erdley
  • Executive Avail-A-Search
  • Art and Maureen Fairbanks
  • Michael and Megan Fasick
  • Pete and Carol Faust
  • Bill and Susan Fenstermaker
  • Charles and Cathy Fessler
  • Charles & Sally Fessler
  • Virginian Fields
  • Ray and Joy Fisher Bonnie Forry
  • Jeff and Marcella Frey
  • Charlie and Julia Fuller
  • Anthony and Tracy Gaito
  • Ed and Priscilla Geer
  • Jeannie Geiger
  • Jim and Yvonne Geiger
  • George and Tina Georges
  • Bruce and Diane Gerlach
  • Ray and Lisa Gilmore
  • Clyde Gingrich
  • Eloise Gingrich
  • Mike & Tricia Glinsky
  • Jeff and Mary Goldman
  • David Good
  • Andy Goodman
  • Frank and Merrill Graham
  • Philip and Delores Grahek
  • Virginia Groff
  • Carl and Cheryll Hallgren
  • Janice Hamilton
  • Steve and Carla Hammond
  • Brian and Laurie Hartz
  • Brian and Maxine Hass
  • Wilbur and Lois Haas
  • Kerry and Holly Hassinger
  • Adeline Haviland
  • Ron and Gail Hawthorne
  • Brad and Nancy Heigel
  • Margeret C. Heisey
  • John and Lynn Helsel
  • Claude and Louise Herr
  • Henry and Nancy Herr
  • Richard and Kamara Hirni
  • Gene and Cindy Hoffman
  • Jere and Cathy Hoffmaster
  • Holiday Inn Express, Elizabethtown
  • Paul and Jean Hollinger
  • Holly Tree Farm Interiors
  • Hong Kong Garden Restaurant
  • Lester and Diane Horn
  • Daryl and Paula Horning
  • Sheldon and Joyce Hoover
  • Integra Graphix
  • Barry and Vonnie Kain
  • Lawrence and Rena Kass
  • Jeff and Priscilla Kaufhold
  • Stephen Kaufman
  • Larry and Ruth Keener
  • Thomas Kelley
  • Gary and Brenda Kephart
  • Sam and Kim Kerr
  • Matt Adair and Deanna Kloss
  • Steve Kohler and Jodi Mason
  • Jeff Koons
  • Terry and Michelle Koudelka
  • Dr. Charles and Lisa Krespan
  • Kristine Horn Interiors
  • Gary Kroot
  • Ken and Lisa Kuzdro
  • Mark and Stacie Labuski
  • Jim and Vicky Lacour
  • Brook and Cherry Landis
  • Phil and Susan Landis
  • Gary and Kathleen Latshaw
  • Grace Laubach
  • LCBC
  • Brian and Joanne Lecher
  • David and Tracy Lee
  • Paula Leicht
  • Linda Leidy
  • Irv and Trudy Lenhoff
  • Franklin and Jean Leonard
  • David and Cora Levin
  • Joe and Margi Sue Lisi
  • Carlo and Teresa Lonardi
  • Fred and Jean Long
  • Christian and Susan Long
  • Mangia Qui & Suba Tapas Bar
  • Greg and Anette Mansker
  • JoAnn Marchiori
  • Barry Margolis
  • Mars Chocolate NA
  • David and Nancy Martin
  • Barbara Martin
  • Troy & Jill Martin
  • Robert and Joann Martini
  • Don and Barbara Mastrorocco
  • May-Grant Associates
  • Tom and Andrea McDonald
  • Tom and Suzanne McKinnon
  • Mike Ausherman Painting
  • MDB Construction Company
  • Arun & Dhamista Mehta
  • Scott and Cindy Mickievicz
  • Thomas and Donna Miedrich
  • Mike and Ann Miller
  • Dan and Kirstin Mink
  • Joe & Tami Minneci
  • Dr. Thomas and Dawn Moffett
  • James and Mary Ellen Monos
  • Jen and Doug Myers
  • Ed and Joanne Myers
  • Marc and Lisa Nace
  • Joan Ness
  • Terry and Marsha Neumyer
  • Daniel and Pam Neuroh
  • John and Melody Nissley
  • Brad and Sandy Nonnenmacher
  • Stan and Mary Novak
  • Michael and Carol O'Donovan
  • William and Eileen Ogan
  • Hazel Osborne
  • Kevin Luu and Lisa Paponetti
  • Don and Judy Papson
  • Dan and Pamela Pavlico
  • Robert and Frances Pelen
  • Wilson and Jen Pipkin
  • Charlie and Kaye Payne
  • Tim and Sue Quinn
  • Joe and Carol Rago
  • Deb and Dan Ranck
  • Matt and Stacie Randolph
  • Denny and Peggy Randolph
  • Craig and Karin Rank
  • Charles and Dawn Reinhart
  • Keith and Lisa Reinhart
  • Sherry Reynolds
  • Mark and Lorri Rhinier
  • George and Carolyn Rhoads
  • Michael and Eileen Rider
  • Scott and Beth Riggan
  • Ruby Rineman
  • Robert and Christine Rishell
  • Franklin Risner
  • Eric and Jennifer Risser
  • Carl and Annette Ritner
  • Rick and Debbie Ritsch
  • Dr. Robert Roschel
  • Clifford and Janice Rosenau
  • Sharon & Rick Rothenberger
  • Felice and Lewis Rovegno
  • Jeffery and Joanne Ruhl
  • Kathleen and Jack Sadorf
  • Patrick and Beth Sampsell
  • Joe and Pamela Santacroce
  • John and Shelly Santoni
  • Dan and Kathy Sattele
  • Matt and Hether Schlosser
  • Andrew and Jamie Schoenberger
  • Claude and Rita Schwanger
  • Scott's Grille
  • Rick and Sue Seavey
  • Mike and Janet Seeds
  • Ed and Kari Semple
  • Jeff and Lisa Shank
  • Mary Sharrets
  • Barry and Deb Sheesley
  • Mariam Shissler
  • Lehman and Marilyn Shope
  • Siegrist Decorating Ltd.
  • Carl and Evelyn Sinner
  • Harry Smith and Julie Spuhler
  • Linda Smith
  • Karl and Marilyn Soutner
  • Barry and Georgine Spengler
  • Tony and Deb Spina
  • Anton and Cathy Spinelli
  • Joan Spire
  • David and Beth Stauffer
  • Russell and Joannie Stavig
  • John and Kerri Stein
  • Dr. Nils and Wendi Stenman
  • Don & Gloria Straub
  • Jeff and Kris Strayer
  • James and Angela Stewart
  • Steve and Debbie Sturgis
  • John and Deb Swarr
  • Dean and Megan Sweigart
  • Herman and Kristi Syrdahl
  • Barbara Taylor
  • Kent Taylor and Susan Traverso
  • Tom and Helen Templeton
  • Orpha Thuma
  • Ray and Annette Tierney
  • Nancy and Barry Trainor
  • Greg Troszak and Sara Atwood
  • Umbrella Works Apartments
  • James and Stephanie Vandermey
  • Robert and Renae Vardaro
  • Craig and Andrea Warner
  • Robert and Betty Warren
  • William and Kelli Weber
  • Weidman House - Judy Weidman
  • Judy Weidman
  • Chip and Monica Weidman
  • Dr. Robert and Susanna Weil
  • Martin & Alice Weinelt
  • Lynda Welkowitz
  • Steve & Kara Werner
  • Patrick and Sue West
  • Art and Louise Williams
  • Lyn and Beth Williams
  • David Willoughby
  • Keith and Amy Wilson
  • Luther & Penny Wilson
  • Bart and Stacy Winslow
  • Frank and Betsy Winger
  • Tom and Karen Winters
  • Benjamin Withers
  • Ken and Nancy Witkowski
  • John and Gail Witmer
  • Sandy Womeldorf
  • Greg Yohn
  • Ken Youngeberg
  • Lee and Sandy Zagar
  • Dorothy Zimmerman
  • Frank and Cindy Zimmerman
  • Richard and Nancy Zimmerman
  • Doug and Dawn Zook
  • John and Sherry Zubeck

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